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Providing Solutions for Your Crew Housing Challenges!

Whenever you are looking for quality and affordable temporary mobile housing units, Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC is the right service for your job site. The company's mission is to provide quality crew lodging solutions to ensure that your staff are as comfortable as possible during their off-hours. 

Who is Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC?

Founded in 2005, Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC has a long history of providing quality oilfield housing, temporary housing, and related services to national construction, renewable energy companies and mining companies. Our service areas include but are not limited to Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico. We have a dedicated team of electricians, plumbers and carpenters committed to providing outstanding service to our clients. Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC is a certified federal and state contractor providing housing solutions to the FEMA, DOD, DLA, Border Patrol, and Homeland Security.

CMH Cage Code is 4EGT2.  We are also a member of ISNetworld safety compliance and auditing companies and hold “Green Light” status.

Our Greatest Projects

To highlight just a few of the most outstanding company's past projects, Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC has assisted in housing personnel related to dewatering, power restoration, blue roofers, and levee upgrades on the Gulf Coast for recovery efforts related to Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Laura, & Hurricane Rita. We have also completed several construction projects, including Sempra LNG in Cameron Parish, LA and full-service housing camps to major companies. These “Man Camps” have a full-service kitchen, a cafeteria, a workout facility, and a recreation area. In addition to the above equipment and features, the company's experienced team will work with you and customize the workforce housing services to your specific needs. Whether you need trailer rentals or other essential mobile housing equipment, Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC can handle onsite design, builds, and full-service housing management. Ultimately, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality and affordable crew lodging solutions.

What Corporate Mobile Housing Offers

Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC will work hand in hand with your field management team to contribute to the success of your project. We can offer a variety of services such as: Housing & Lodging, Field Offices, Septic Systems, Potable Water, Power & Electricity, Security, Site Management, Maintenance, Internet & TV, and Food Management. 

Our homes are fully furnished with satellite TV and Internet, washer, dryer, appliances, furniture, linens, cooking supplies and OSHA front and back steps. We are always up for a challenge, and “we make it happen”.



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