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Corporate Mobile Housing LLC, Workforce´s Importance and New Services Presented. 

In numerous cities across the country, it has become significantly harder for middle-income employees to purchase or lease housing in the areas in which they work. Therefore, many middle-income workers move to the outer fringes of space. In response, businesses like Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC seek to provide cost-effective, customized, turnkey lodgings assuring that employees are as comfortable as possible during their off-hours.    

New Services Launched

Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC is an aggregator to bring together several resources to provide a solution for the clients´ needs. It aims to make sure that every customer is as comfortable as possible despite the environment they are finding themselves in. Therefore, the company now builds and operates mobile home and RV parks and supplies on-site housing units. They also set up and maintain housing camps in rural areas, ranging from 10-500 full-service and fully furnished rooms with TV and internet services. Finally, they have qualified people who install sewer systems, electrical services, and water utilities to these camps. Ultimately, their mission is to supply the best home-away-from-home housing experience.

The Importance of Relying on Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC. 

In the workforce housing space, companies like Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC are typically looking to create a product that serves, as the name suggests, working families so they can be more rested and productive on the job site. Moreover, with more than 15 years of experience, it can be easily said that Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC provides the most satisfying service. No matter the project's demands, the company's buildings and trailer rentals are fully equipped and offer many amenities.

What Makes Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC Different

Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC counts with a fleet of ninety-three fully furnished three- and four-bedroom houses ready to deploy along with access to a plethora of houses, trucks, trailers, tents, generators, washing stations, mobile showers, and equipment. With over 50 years of experience in equipment rental and maintenance service, we are always up for a challenge, and “we make it happen.”



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