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Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC Announces New Location Soon  

Mobile Housing (Camps) is part of an increasingly significant shift of the global human population toward temporary housing in the 21st century. The term 'man camp' became popular during the Bakken oil boom, which began in 2006 and then peaked in 2012. This boom drew large numbers of workers—overwhelmingly men—into western North Dakota and Texas.

Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC was founded in 2005, as we began preparations to house many of these workers. Since then, we have provided quality oilfield housing, temporary housing, and related services to national construction, renewable energy companies, and mining companies. After almost two decades of commitment and hard work, we are happy to announce a new 150-room location opening in west Odessa, Texas.  

The Importance of Comfortable Man Camps

Today, companies know that comfortable accommodation means productive hours on a job site; therefore, Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC's mission is to create man camps equipped with recreational spaces, full amenities, medical services, and 24-hour security. 

We work diligently with field management teams to make every project successful and efficient while hitting the timelines driven by upper management. Moreover, since 2005, we've been serving clients enthusiastically, which is why we feel so excited to announce our new 150-room location opening in west Odessa, Texas. 

Man Camps within Different Industries 

Over the years, Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC has provided quality Temporary Housing Units to several industries. To highlight just a few of our past projects, Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC has assisted projects including dewatering, power restoration, blue roofers, and levee upgrades in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. We've also completed several construction projects, including the Sempra LNG project in Cameron Parish, LA. We Offer Man Camps, Field Offices, & Trailer House Rentals for Clients in the renewable energy, oil, gas, and construction Industry.  

Corporate Mobile Housing, LLC has a dedicated team committed to providing outstanding service to our clients searching for high-quality, comfortable, fully furnished business apartments. We are the last trend in man camps, and we cannot wait to see people experiencing our new location opening in west Odessa, Texas. 

Ultimately, you bring the challenge, and we’ll bring the solution.



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